Headshot Parties are a fun and affordable way to get those professional & social profile pics updated and looking good!
Private custom headshots are amazing if you are ramping up a new marketing campaign and need beautiful high quality images to plaster all over the city. But, private custom sessions can feel intimidating and cost a lot of money. NOT everybody needs to invest tons of money and hours of shooting for a few, but very important, images.

YOU still deserve FANTASTIC high quality photos for your professional & personal networking and social media profiles. Your profile pictures are prime real-estate to catch peoples eyes and communicate approachability, strength, joy, honesty, confidence...all instantly and in a tiny image.

HEADSHOT PARTY events are the answer!
Find out how it works below

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How it Works:
Step 1: 10-12 friends or professional contacts are invited to meet at the host's home, office, or venue. 

Step 2: The host gets their images FREE. Everyone else pays a fee to register that includes everything they need to get their profiles looking amazing and to have a great time. (The details will be found at registration based on your event.)

Step 3: Upon arrival, your name is added to the shot list. You can spend some time relaxing and mingling until it's your turn.

Step 4: During your quick but thorough session you can relax knowing you will be skillfully posed and lit--so, no reason for any anxiety.

Step 5: That's it! Thank your host for building community and lifting each other up and you're done. You'll receive an online proof gallery 5-7 days later to choose your favorite images. Your picks will be lightly retouched and sent to you digitally for unlimited personal or professional use. 

*Options to purchase additional images, heavy retouching, or prints are available.
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