HI! I am glad you are here. My name is Callie. Here is a little about me:
I love God, my husband & family, animals, the great outdoors, food, food (that wasn't a typo), and looking at pictures of moments caught that have long passed. I admit that I am easily entertained and hours can fly by making bad pirate jokes and playing uno with my kids. I like to think that's because I am quick to find the good and humor in any given situation. Also, because I am a stellar parent spending quality time with my kiddos and nothing to do with avoiding the overflowing laundry baskets.
Want to know more about me? A little backstory then...I left my position as Head Technician at a prominent veterinarian clinic when my first child was born and I just couldn't go back to cleaning up animal poop when I was having so much fun cleaning up my baby's poop. Two more babies came along and I love every minute of being mom, but I knew one day I would want to have a career again (one that didn't involve poop). I dreamed of that path involving photography. I love to document my own imperfect life in our own imperfect everydays. So, the kids are older and I have worked really hard to learn my craft and here I am...ready to capture your memories for you! Life is messy, and beautiful, and funny, and heartbreaking and I want to capture it all in images for you to share with generations to come.