What to expect the process to look like:
Step 1) Greetings! Let's chat about the crazy thing my kid did last night and where to get the best chips & queso and maybe talk about a photo session. Contact me!
Step 2) Let's answer some questions and make some decisions. What are you looking to document? What style photography do you want (styles are defined here)? What are going to do with the pictures? Will there be coffee?
Step 3) Book a date and legally and monetarily bind yourself to me for all of eternity. Just kidding...just sign a contract saying neither of us will be jerks and cough up some money to prove you're serious--you really do want me to show up someplace with all my camera gear. 
Step 4) Picture Day! But wait, don't put your kids in matching polos and bribe them to be on their best behavior just yet! This is a different kind of picture day. Some Do's and Don'ts for preparing your home and family:
Step 5) Now I'll get to work and 3 weeks after your shoot you will have access to an online gallery with all of your photos from your session. From there you can print, download, share, comment, and enjoy!
Step 6) Call me and schedule next year's documentary session so you can have a photo album for every year leaving a collection of yearbooks from your children's childhood to be looked back on and inherited.
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