Documentary Style Family Photography

I love how Documentary Family Photography really highlights the things all kids and our families have in common. No matter how your family is structured or where you're will be kids.
This genre is growing fast. More and more families are leaving the matching outfits, golden hour (aka: dinner time), bribe filled kind of traditional family photography and turning to documenting their real family. Families are having a photographer hangout with them and document the family doing their thing in a no stress, no extra make-up, "who cares if he spilt his breakfast on his shirt" way. 
Of all the ways to document your family (read more about different approaches here), Documentary family photography is my favorite. In this genre there are strict rules to follow, like those of a journalist. The photographer follows your family doing whatever it is that your family does for the day (or part if the day). Presenting the photographer with the challenges of working to anticipate what comes next, finding the best light, positioning for the ideal composition, capturing every moment without guiding and changing anything in the scene.
The results are honest and telling of your family on that day, in that moment, saved in an archival album to be passed down from generation to generation.
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